Monday, November 2, 2015

Found: Canadian money in Argentina

Well, we have no photos this week.
unless of course you would like photos of my gas bills that I have to send to the mission office.

This week we had a pretty great time- we found three great new investigators (Milagros y Daniel, y aparte Gisela), we had three investigators come to church, and today we are going to eat asado. It's just all round good.

Alright! Well, I don't know exactly what stories to tell.
Hm, here's one- an investigator in another area- colonia bombal- found out that I was from Canada when I did the baptismal interview for her and said that she had found a ten dollar Canadian bill in a university textbook, but that it was way old.

It was one from 1981 or something like that. It was real, though, had the raised printing and everything. It was quite goofy. Who'da thunk? I bet it's worth a bit more than ten dollars if you could sell it to someone who collects old currency.

This week we had a lesson with Gisela in the bishop's house and that was quite great. I just appreciated how important it is to have members contribute their thoughts and testimony to be able to strengthen the teaching that we impart.

Well, have a good week everybody, we're off to eat.
Elder Backstrom

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