Monday, August 3, 2015

Email from a 20 Year Old

So, I am now 20. the whole time I was 19 I was in the mission. Weird, no?

So we're going to show some photos but first I'm going to tell a story about why everyone needs first aid training.

So, last Monday I finished writing my emails and all, we ate some food, and went to the stake center to play futbol etc. I was inside and at about 3:30 pm several of the people who are outside burst in to tell us that an elder has cut his leg. I go outside and he has a deep cut on his inner thigh. I lay him down, elevate the leg, and staunch the bleeding. another elder brings a first aid kit and we put pressure on the cut a bit better. President comes and brings him away in his SUV to the hospital.

So. The moral of the story? don't cut yourself. It's dangerous. And when someone else cuts them self, help. It was a pretty dramatic moment. But, elder Ribeiro will be fine. he luckily only cut muscle, and now has some stitches and is recovering.

So moving on, it was my birthday this week... and I FORGOT

So I get a call around 7 am, and there is a lady who brings me breakfast.

Because my parents (sneaky parents) had arranged for this without telling me anything. How sneaky!

this is a little card that was also attached. it is in Spanish evidently but says happy birthday

And here is an image of the very impressive breakfast! it came with A LOT of food (we were eating it still the next two days), and, impressively, with real mugs.

So thanks, family, that was very nice.

And here is a roast beef with vegetables that I cooked during the week.

This week we did a LOT of service projects. Seriously! from Thursday to Saturday we had one every day. working is good, it helps release stress (for me at least.)

Anyways I wish all of you a good week.

From a newly 20-year-old correspondent in south america,

(Fun fact: did you know that only about 75% of Toyota's ever get to be as old as I am and still be working? I'm just getting started!)

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