Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Good day from Argentina,
Yesterday was mother's day which was good, and I got to talk with my family which was also very good.

So, the internet/phones/all communication died for several hours in san juan right after I wrote those words and we went off and did other things and then came back to the cyber. So that's fun.

Good, let's see- where was I? I'll start with the scripture I wanted to share since it was the last thing I wrote then go backwards from there until I get to what saved.

I found a good scripture I enjoyed about accountability in the old testament, Ezekiel 33:1-6.

Uh... what else, hmm, the thing is, we just sort of do lots of missionary things all the time. for better or worse, that makes the time go nice and fast, but with a distinctly low number of notable adventures.
We wait for lots of buses, and also walk various places.
hmm. There is bread that we eat lots of here, there is like a panderia culture and they don't have boulangeries and a panderia is a little bread store that makes little bread rolls and torttitas (some sort of, uh, I don't know, pastry thing? google it) and facturas (kind of like doughnuts. but slightly different)
Somehow I always manage to write about food.

Hmm, I this week we encountered a new investigator. Weird thing is, she's young- like 25 or something- and we don't teach many young people. And something I had begun to take for granted- that everyone basically more or less recognizes us as ministers of Jesus Christ here- was something Emily didn't do. but we explained that and she had a lot of very good questions which is far better than people who silently stare blankly at you and hopefully she will be dope to teach and stuff. And then also her athiest/jew boyfriend.

we went up to ullum today which is a big dike but I was sick s it was a little less fun for me. however I have some fun pictures I will send next week since I don't have my cord right now.

Well, I think that was all I wanted to write about, more or less.
El. Backstrom

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