Monday, May 12, 2014

Olympic Week

Ahhemn. The weekly update:

There's a nasty bug going around the pench- elder Riaz Diaz and elder Spice are suffering the worst, but Huaman and I aren't feeling fantastic either. Not to dwell on the negative, the summer heat is slowly beginning to fade away, and nights are much more pleasant now, temperature wise. (Speaking of nights, my companion told me that I was making clicking noises with my mouth all night long. he was awake because of how sick he was feeling. I presume I must have had a dream about being a dolphin.)

On to more spiritual material, since we've had to stay in a few days this week because of sickness, I've read a lot of scriptures. So many that I don't even have on favourite on to put at the bottom of the letter... I'll think of one. My companion and I ended up playing a game where we would choose passages of scripture at random and see if the other could determine which book it was from. It was not only an interesting test of our scripture mastery, but a fun way to see the different writing styles of different prophets. I also found some valuable scriptures that I could use in teaching.

we are finding a large number of new people to teach from our ward references, our list of inactive families, and our area book full of former investigators. This last week we had 7 lessons with less-active members, which was great. the ideal is to have a less active and an investigator in every lesson. We where also able to give a priesthood blessing to a recent convert, an older lady who is struggling with some kind of serious illness that she has had for some years. It was the first time I had to preform a priesthood ordnance in Spanish, which was a learning experience. She's also the only member in her family. Her husband wants to be baptized we think, but we also know that his mother is very against the church. We are working on getting her two teenage daughters out to church but they are kind of lazy. Juana is very solid though, at church every Sunday and an active and excited participant in the gospel doctrines class. If people can come to church, everything else will fall into place.

Speaking of church attendance, one of our investigators came to church yesterday even though we had only challenged her to read and pray about the book of Mormon. Her mother-in-law, who is a member, and who she lives with, didn't even show up- that fact that she came alone is very impressive and bears testimony to me that if people will put forward the effort to plant a seed of faith, the spirit will work upon them in such a way that they will not be able to deny it.

We also went to a lesson with a less active family and their baby had something on its foot, so, presuming the obvious about Dr. Spice, they had him diagnose the scrape. quite entertaining.

I really don't know what else to tell about, although I'm absolutely certain that I'm forgetting plenty of entertaining things that happened to me this week. I always do. 
well, Alma 41:14. until next week,

El. Backstrom

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