Monday, May 12, 2014

The Arrival of March

Ayynnnd the weekly email!

Today was a holiday so we had to go to a far location to get to a cyber that works.
Pench=pencion=missionary apartment

So, San Juan has become remarkably less hot through a combination of frequent, destructive rainstorms and the beginning of fall. Although It is significantly harder to get people to church in the rain, it is much more pleasant to be out working in than the beating sun.

to my mother specifically. what is a domesticated wonder pig, exactly?

Okay moving on. Spanish is very hard, especially since I need to re-learn all sorts of conjugations and the like. I try to practice with the Spanish-speaking missionaries, but I don't see them enough and when I do I'm usually rather tired and not particularly in the mood to hammer my way through a conversation. Some days are better than others. The most helpful learning experience is when we teach lessons, though, and if we could get into all of the appointments we set it would be quite amazing... however frequently people flake out on us.

On Saturday we got to do our biggest service project yet. We went to someone's home and I learned how to plaster walls with concrete. you've got to flick it really hard at the last second, or else it won't stick. we also poured out liquid asphalt on his roof and did some other things. It was a good long day; including the lunch we ate, we where there for a solid eight hours.

our week was busy but hard. a lot of the lessons we had scheduled fell through, some of our investigators stopped progressing, and both elder spice and I had some rough Spanish days (me far far more than him). On the upside, I've started to build a language learning plan, a personal study plan, and a Christlike attributes plan. considering the number of times I have read Preach my gospel all the way through, it's quite amazing how there always seems to be new things inside whenever I open it up. The entire book, especial the how to study, how to recognize the spirit, how to develop Christlike attributes and the Importance of the Book of Mormon sections, are of great value to anyone who wants to deepen their gospel study and understanding.

On a somewhat sillier note, I have discovered that if I coat myself in large amounts of axe body-spray  I an almost counteract the sticky scent of farm animal that gets on us whenever we're in the campo, which is a lot. Also I have started to develop a sizable ponch due to the lack of cardio and ab-exercise I do combined with the huge amounts of food everyone is always feeding us.

My favourite scripture of the week is ether chapter 12, which is a Moroni sermon on the power of faith.

Live well,

El. Backstrom

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