Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Letter from the CCM

Okay, time for the weekly update!

This week has been one of the better ones in the CCM. I have felt real solid progress within the language, can easily pray and testify in Spanish, answer simple questions, ect. I'm also almost done and I've got to admit, that has been a boon to my spirits. I hadn't really been feeling weary of the CCM like some other elders until this week... Even though I know that I'm not entirely prepared for the field, I can't wait to get out and working.

Some changes have been happening around the CCM over the past couple days. our new MTC president, Presidente Willis, was supposed to arrive in BuAr on the 21st at 12h30. However, an intense thunderstorm damaged the plan, shearing away ten feet of the leading edge of one of the wings and sending debris particles into one of the two turbofans. their plane had to pull out of its descent and luckily made it to Montevideo, Uruguay for an emergency landing. after that scare poor presidente Willis and his wife where stuck in Montevideo until 17h on the 22nd. Early that same morning, presidente Openshaw left to return home, leaving no overlap time between the two presidents. 

It was a little sad to see Presidente Openshaw go, but since I will be leaving the CCM in just a week regardless and I'm certain that this new president has much to teach me, it is cool as well.

Today was also the last time I will be able to go to the temple for two years. It was a little sad, but also an overwhelmingly spiritual experience. I understood much of the session and definitely felt strong impressions about how to better develop Christlike attributes in my life.

My favorite scripture of the week is 2 nephi chapter 29- which talks about gentiles rejecting the book of Mormon. I read it after a lovely devotional from Elder Bednar and his wife answering some questions they received from missionaries as part of the Christmas devotional. I would recommend you watch both- Christmas and January 13th, I think (we saw it delayed) if you can. I'm not sure if you can get them but i think you probably can... they are very good.

No pictures this week, and none next week either because i will be missing p-day (oh yeah. so I won't write again till i'm in the field.)

To my mother: Stop taunting me with that deliciously finished kitchen, it looks wonderful. Good luck with your school courses. and, uh, I had something important to say to you here which is why I started writing here but I forget what it is, so if you happen to remember... Okay I remember I have some physical letters I would like to send but I need US stamps so if you could help me work out a way to obtain US stamps that would be wonderful.

Read the scriptures, just honestly, trust me, do it. it's great,
-Elder Backstrom

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