Monday, May 12, 2014

Salutations from Elder Backstrom


I have a crappy keyboard oy so I may not write to to much.

Straight into it, I had a frustrating, or maybe enlightening experience with an investigator this week. A young couple who has family that is less active who we've been teaching for a good while now. we where talking to them about the steps they had to follow to have an eternal family. we asked them if they would be willing to get married in order to be able to be baptized, which is something they have both said they want to do: They said that they couldn't do that right now. I sort of left that lesson sad, because I know that they have had strong witnesses from the spirit, but they chose not to act on those experiences. It's not like that was really any surprise, though, since that is the situation with nearly all of the people we teach: that was simply one of the first times it sunk in really that people chose, more often than not, not to act. Pondering that I have really come to realize much better the amazing blessing it is to live in a place that has a strong culture of families, of faith-driven action, a work ethic.

Anyways, the other big thing that happened was that elder Russel M. Nelson came down and had a meeting with the 70ties of the south america south region, and instructed them to instruct the missions that they where over to change their focus to the reactivation of priesthood holders and endowed members as their absolute first priority in order to strengthen the wards and branches of the region. The fact of the matter is, if you have strong branches with enough priesthood, the missionary work will go forward. In a good close to a harder week ridden with trips to mendoza for transmites, we had three less active youth who we have been working with out to church yesterday. One of them is around mission age and we are hoping to get him active and out on a mission.

There are a lot of stray dogs here.

I have no money to buy food this week because ¿maybe? someone hico un falta con mi conta, entonces no tengo dinero por comprar cosas... it's alright though, i bought extra food last week (methinks the spirit whispered), and by next week I will have money again I hope. if I don't, Well, I'll have to go to the mission office or something.

My scripture of the week is in doctrine and covenants 33:7-9, which talks about missionary work.

Yup. keyboard was bad.

El. Backstrom

Bad keyboards are bad.

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